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Steam System Design

Saturated steam is a precision isothermal medium for process heating vessels employed in manufacturing operations, works utilities and site resources. It enables high rates of energy transference over long distances without need of mechanical intervention. Steam may be generated from any type of fuel, in any quantities, and within any chosen continuum of rate, temperature and pressure. It may be superheated beyond its natural saturation temperature to provide local high energy supplies for power, chemical and production operations. Steam system design is well-supported by a knowledgeable and ethical supplier basis, providing education, advice and off-site management services for site services and manufacturing applications.

Thermal Fluid Heating

We have designed and built several skid-mounted and integrated heating systems incorporating our shell-and-tube electric HTF heaters and thermal fluid calandria for synthetic fluid and hot oil recirculation. At temperatures above 340 degrees or so, vapour pressures of even the most tolerant synthetic fluids tend to rise above atmospheric. System design must ensure that operating conditions of thermal fluids do not affect their useful working life. Their replacement cost should be offset against the water treatment and attendance requirements of steam plant.

No thermodynamic pressure is induced during the heating of a thermal fluid if its vapour pressure remains below atmospheric, and engineering costs are much-reduced if systems are to operate only under gravity head. Generally speaking, electric calorifiers for thermal fluid and hot oil heating fall within SEP classification of the PED and are not CE marked. As they do not require ventilation for combustion air supply, electrically-fired and steam-heated calorifiers are suitable for installation in airconditioned spaces. Direct firing, resistance or induction heating may be used where liquid phase systems are impracticable.