Cooling Towers




The Efficient Use of Energy
Balance of Plant; Noise and Vibration
Biomass Drying and Biothermal Energy

Biothermal Systems

We undertake the thermal design of heat exchangers and vessels for the downstream processing of by-products from anaerobic digesters used in biomethane production. These include double-pipe trombone exchangers for sludge pre-heating and jacketed batch-pasteurizers, together with associated piped sytems and control equipment. Dove Thermal has designed and installed several wood-waste heating plants for industrial process and factory space heating while resolving on-site waste management issues. Although we have been associated with many successful CHP systems and applications, small-scale installations continue to be marginal with respect to capital and management cost. This page reviews the current state of mini- and micro-chp plant development.

Balance of Plant Modules

Dove Thermal has been designing and building Balance of Plant assemblies for over thirty years. BoP modules bring together all the required services for a core application – for power generation, motive power, chemical process or environmental systems control installations. Contractual responsibility for the supply and commissioning of bought-in equipment rests with a single source, whilst the component count of project deliverables is much-reduced.

Thermal Plant Design

Addressing changes in the manufacturing economy through the efficient use of energy is prerequisite to corporate management, while providing effective environmental systems, plant and equipment for energy conversion, saving and reclaim are essential factors in maintaining a competitive edge. We design and construct all piped, ducted and environmental services, and install effluent handling schemes under the IPPC.

Noise & Vibration Control

This page describes Dove Thermal innovations in Reactive Dynamic Mass Balancing, control of machine noise and vibration, and related environmental systems design. We undertake - and resolve issues arising from - Plant Noise Surveys, Environmental Noise Measurement programmes, and represent client companies involved in planning reviews and public enquiries.

Industrial & Power Boilers

Dove Thermal has long experience of current and historical boiler types, fuels and applications, also of the fluids recirculated in their connected systems. We have designed and built installations configured for all types of fuel, and are frequently concerned with environmental and planning issues. Our knowledge of combustion stoichiometry has been applied to coal, oil, gas and biomass-fired equipment, and to the thermal oxidation of aromatic process streams. We have undertaken many investigations into boiler and heating system corrosion, and have a wholly successful record in supporting a broad range of litigation and dispute resolutions.