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Boiler Corrosion & Feedwater Treatment
Steam, HPHW, LPHW & HTF Plant
Biomass Boilers

Dove Thermal has long experience of many boiler types, fuels, applications, and operating pressures. Heated media may be LPHW, HPHW or Steam; otherwise synthetic heating fluids or mineral oils in liquid or vapour phase. We have been widely concerned with conventional firing by light, medium and heavy residual fuel oils, gas oil distillates, natural gas, coal and various solid & gaseous biofuel categories.

Industrial & municipal solid waste (MSW), and sludge-based biofuels are widely used, and we have served as expert witness in several instances of fuel usage, boiler design and construction, systems installation, operation and maintenance. Many of our boiler plant investigations have entailed stoichiometric combustion and flue gas analysis, for conventional fuels and for the oxidation of process sidestreams. We also have a wholly successful record of providing technical support for a broad range of litigation and boiler dispute resolutions entailing boiler and plant design, corrosion and feed water treatment.

Our operational experience takes in marine power boilers and propulsion machinery in the 30-40 bar range, and process steam plant working under similar pressures. Generally, these are either D-type water tube and sectional header types or coil-tube steam generators. Monobloc LPHW and fire-tube biomass boilers frequently share features in common with exhaust gas economizer and process heat recovery equipment. Process boilers for lower pressures are usually of the 3-pass wet-back and "Economic Pattern" shell type, while cast iron sectional types are often used for tower block and small scale district heating. Other types we have been called to investigate include gas-fired helical coil liquid phase heaters and mixed waste LPHW heating equipment. Particularly, we have been involved in disputes over locomotive boilers, several imported biomass boilers, batch-fired & mdf-burning plant and a new-build campus district-heating boilerhouse:

  Large Economic-Pattern Steam Boilers   DTI Boiler Replacement Scheme
  Marine Exhaust Gas Economizers Ships' Funnel Fires
  Thermal Recuperator   Flow-induced Vibration
  Monobloc Tubestack Biomass Boiler Expert Witness re Structural Failure
  Shell-Type Steam Boiler Plant Re-application
  Large Economic-Pattern Steam Boilers   Process design & installation
  Helical Coil HTF Boiler & connected systems Process design & build
  Mixed-waste-fired Boiler plant & installation  Design & build contract
  Locomotive Boiler Structural investigation & Expert Witness
  Coil-tube Steam Generator Fault Investigation and rectification
  LPHW Boilers & boilerhouse - new-build Investigation and dispute resolution
  Wood Chip Boiler & connected systems Design & Build consultancy
  Imported Biomass Boilers Structural Investigation & Expert Witness
  Sectional Boilers for tower block heating Forensic investigation of boilers & systems
  Batch-Fired Boiler design and installation Expert Witness to Environmental Litigation
  Fire-Tube Shell Boiler Corrosion Forensic Investigation