MDF Incineration and Woodwaste Heating Plant; Warehouse and Marine Air Conditioning; Soft Drinks Plant BoP Module
Therminol, Dowtherm and Thermia B Heat Transfer Fluid Installations, with Piping Stress Isometrics
Factory Services Building

Coventry TN Teeside Skem TN Haywood TN


MDF Incineration and
Wood Waste Heating Plant



85kW base load chiller plant with

BoP Control Module



10MW boilerhouse & services block

with cooling towers & radiators



Polymer conversion plant, vessels,

piped systems & stresswork




Pipe layout and basis of stress model
for liquid phase heating plant below



575 kW warehouse climate control plant
70% relative humidity at 7 deg.C



1440 mm ductwork serving
one of two 240 kW air chilling plants



One of two polymer conversion modules
pipe layout and basis for stress model


Therminol AHUTN IcePlant ValentiaTN


200 kW liquid phase heating plant

running Therminol 66 at 340 deg.C


One of four 120 kW air chillers
with pumped systems


14.4 tonne/day ice-making

plant and factory fit-out


Dove Thermal Small Craft Aircon System
BMW Admiral's Cup Fleet Chase Boat