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Large Space Airconditioning
Ductless Climate Control
Stainless Steel AHUs

System Design

Dove Thermal designs and builds Ductless Airconditioning Systems for warehouse climate control, raising issues of draught, noise, power usage and system footprint. Capability to recover from transient inleakages, and air filtration directed to the capture of FLT tyre dust should also be taken into account.

Relative humidities below 70% are necessary for averting damage to cardboard packaging. Connecting areas held at different space conditions can be isolated with air curtains. Infiltration rates must account for loading bay operations and ventilation.

Building Layout

Building & racking layout are used to channel air distribution and obviate transmission ductwork. Illustrated is one of seven sets pulling from the roofspace and delivering air to a facing aisle. Our stainless steel air handling units exploit boundary layer attachment of return airflows, and give perfect treated air distribution in buildings exceeding 50 metres length.

Plant Installation

Dove Thermal systems avoid automatic valves & dampers by inverter control of pumps & fans. This improves operating economy, simplifies operation and requires minimal maintenance. Direct expansion systems are preferred for smaller layouts and remote distribution points.

Capacity and Workscope:

Airconditioning installation for intermediate contract storage operations
Design service for climate control feasibility and installation projects
Systems modelling, computational analysis and load programming
Warehouse Airconditioning Plant for confectionery distribution
High rate by-pass systems for efficient peak lopping

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