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Dove Thermal Engineering provides consult-design-construct services and forensic support in energy-related topics.

Large Space Airconditioning Design

Dove Thermal designs and builds ductless aircon systems for low cost climate control in new and existing distribution warehouses, factories, public buildings and long-term chilled storage sheds. They exploit boundary layer attachment for perfect air distribution without recourse to overhead duct systems or equipment. In addition to providing accurate and economical large space airconditioning our systems achieve significant heating cost reduction during winter months whilst continuing to assure set point control of temperature and humidity. Their effectiveness and value-for-money derive from simplicity in the design and construction of our stainless steel air handling units, optimized capital and operating costs, and our award-winning record in thermal engineering and project management. The photo above shows one of seven warehouse aircon units pulling from the roofspace of a portal-frame shed, and delivering its conditioned discharge into a facing aisle.


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Load Assessment

We have constructed unique mathematical models that accurately quantify both processes. These integrate data from a 3D solid model of the building and its specification with a regression of meteorological records for its location. They are also used to predict energy consumption rates for warehouse aircon power supply sizing and monthly cost forecasting.


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Stainless Air Handling Units for Factories and Large Spaces

Dove Thermal has developed unique self-jigging fabrication methods for stainless AHU construction, exploiting state-of-the-art CIM laser profiling to produce precision-built equipment with near off-the-shelf availability. Tongue-and-slot panel location allows a typical accuracy of ± 0.5mm and is applied to our standard range of equipment and custom-built stainless air handling units designed to fit any shape of accommodation space. We also produce a high by-pass ratio air handlers that are especially suited to dedicated peak-lopping climate control systems for factory aircon projects Depending upon capping temperature, set point conditions may be maintained by remixing unconditioned warm air with the cooling coil discharge without recourse to thermodynamic sub-cooling. A high by-pass ratio allows the full applied refrigerating effect to be retained inside the building, whilst also providing sufficient recirculation for free field distribution thus obviating need for distribution ductwork.

Capacity and Workscope:

Stainless AHU installations for ductless aircon contract storage operations
Systems modelling, computational analysis and load programming
High rate by-pass ratio concept for efficient peak lopping
Factory airconditioning systems for manufacturing plants
Ductless air distribution for large space aircon systems
Warehouse Aircon Plant for ductless installations
Design service for factory aircon projects

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