River Dove at Dovedale

Consulting Engineers and Millwrights
Thermal Processes & Fluid Systems

We are a peer group management company providing engineering consultancy, plant-building, and millwrighting services.

The picture is of the River Dove, from which we take our name. Located between its western banks and the A50 corridor, we are well-placed for access to all parts of the United Kingdom and RoI. Most Midland and Northern cities are within 75 miles run, and the M25 is less than 2 hours away.

The business was established as Dove Associates in 1978 to provide engineering consultancy, design and plant management services. The firm was incorporated in 1996 and became Dove Thermal Engineering Limited in 1999.

With principal technical expertise in thermal design - including heat & mass transfer, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics - we support all practical and theoretical aspects of engineering and technology that are in any way to do with the flow of heat, fluids and solids.

Our activities comprise Consult-Design-Construct services related to thermal engineering processes, investigative and litigation support, project management, and the installation and commissioning of thermal equipment & systems. Equipment and procedures are originated for new product development, and in support of our own innovation programmes.

We retain connections with national bodies for design and manufacturing, and have received the Design Council's award for "Consistent high standards of project management and design capability" in recognition of our services as consultants to the DTI's Design Advisory Service.

Please e-mail us using the form in our Contact Page, or write to:

Dove Thermal Engineering Limited,
P.O. Box 5,
ST14 8QX

Office landline : +44 (0)1889 569933