Pipe Stress Isometric Analysis; Pipework Design Services; Pipework Troubleshooting
Structural Pipework Fabrications; Coded Pipefitter-Welder Services
Pressurisation Units and Pumped Systems; Pump Control Panels

Extent of Supply

Dove Thermal supplies turn-key pipework schemes for industrial, commercial and marine installation. All ratings and sizes of pipe are handled in any material, including the full range of ANSI Schedules, non-ferrous tube, and site-welded thermoplastic pipework systems for gas, water and drainage - with ditching, ducting or support steelwork as necessary. Whatever the job, we manage each project from start-to-finish with equal care and professional committment. Heavy grades are either prefabricated in our works or fitted on-site, according to site conditions and planning requirements. We provide design, stresswork, certification and engineering, and 24-hour Emergency Call-Out is usually available.

After schematic design, an installation is laid-out as a solid 3D isometric, which may then be marked-up for stresswork computation and confirmation of line component specifications according to process conditions or site circumstances. In this case, they are marked-up with accommodations for temperatures, masses, forces and movements to enable calculation and pre-stressing of supports. General Arrangements are made for each pipe section, enabling off-site prefabrication and trial set-up, or making-up on site as appropriate. Pressures and flows are spreadsheeted for rating line fittings and equipment, and designs vetted for defects such as air-lock, hammer and stress concentration.

Pipework projects are developed using AutoCAD-MathCAD integration software. Pressure vessels, tanks and special equipment are designed and fabricated in-house. Installations are complete with electrical panels, structural steels, insulation and cleading.

Capacity and Workscope - Typical completions in this sector:

Factory services & plant installation for J.I.Case, Stevensons Dyers, Manchester Steels et al.
Gas turbine test plant & site services for GEC Turbine Generators
Tube extrusion mill cooling services for British Alcan Tubes
Hydraulic Test Facility Systems for Edbro plc