Extended Surface Design of Roped Tube, Finned Tube and Integron Tube Coils and Exchangers
Economisers and Waste Heat Recovery; Steam Tube & Heat Pipe Superconductor Devices
Heat Transfer Design of Marine, Rail, Aerospace and Industrial Plant & Equipment
TEMA Shell & Tube Custom Exchangers, Condensers, Evaporators and Calorifiers

This website reflects the broad scope of thermal engineering, while the underlying maths and physics apply to all heat transfer operations. Heat & mass transfer mechanisms pervade direct contact systems such as gas scrubbing & quenching, evaporative cooling, product drying and psychrometric processes.

Solid, liquid and vapour phase systems are embodied within all natural and man-made systems - even those which might appear static or inert on a macroscopic scale.Host processes are to be found within fluid flow, chemical, mechanical, electrical, structural and environmental schema - whenever and wherever energy flows, is stored or converted.

Our expertise covers all types of heating and cooling processes and plant: the theoretical tools and practices by which they may be described, and the practical ability to resolve situations in which they are either not being understood or have been incorrectly applied. We research, design, investigate, model and create practical solutions to meet practical requirements.

We provide the knowledge underlying manufacturing processes, the designs by which they may be realized, along with the capability to build, commission and maintain the plant to enable them.

Some Dove Thermal heat transfer design projects:

Presssurized-air preheater with flash steam recovery for Glaxo Smith Kline
Re-engineering of Class 158 DMU HVAC systems for Metro-Cammell
Large steam condensers and sugar boiling pans for Tate & Lyle
Electric HTF Calorifiers for International Automotive Products
Fuel oil heaters and recuperators under contract to the DTI
Variable concentration batch heating for Banner Chemicals
Crude oil pump-out exchanger and Pontoon for Vikoma
R-R Fuel Test Rig Thermal Systems for Cullum Detuners
Regenerative furnace design for Stein Atkinson Stordy
Cylinder block tempering for Jaguar Land Rover
Gas quench column for Otto Simon
Corn snack cooling for Pepsico