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Dove Thermal Engineering provides consult-design-construct services and forensic support in energy-related topics.

Our Record

We have served as thermal experts in cases across England, Wales, Scotland & the United States since 1998. Where practicable, we act as Single Joint Witness under the Civil Procedure Rules - CPR - which stress the primary duty of an expert as being to the Court. In any event, we may be relied upon to give accurate technical advice. Not all our commissions are necessarily intended for formal litigation. We have a strong record in Expert Witness ADR, either independently or working with instructing solicitors, and most of our cases are settled out-of-court to general benefit and satisfaction.

Examples of Heating and Cooling Resolutions

Whilst other pages in the website report examples of our forensic and general consultancy work, the following case demonstrates how we have acted as expert witness, and illustrates our practical approach to the process. It was also remarkable for failures at each stage of the resourcing chain:

Tubeplate 2 Tubes

The Environment Agency had been called in response to complaints of excessive vapour plume emission from the exhaust stack of a shell & tube boiler, fired by wood waste from the furniture factory where it was installed. The system was losing water, although visual inspections had showed no defect. Our investigation proved this to result from the boiler having been built using faulty tubes: the seam welder had "missed" a significant length of run as the formed section passed through the mill. Notedly, inspections at tubemill, stockholder, converter and the boiler manufacturer had all passed unremarked. The affected tubes sprang apart when cut through, as shown in the photo. Summary Judgment was obtained and applied.

A quite different instruction entailed investigation into equipment installed at a carp breeding establishment. Stock was being lost through pond temperature variation and water quality. We undertook a thermal failure and effect analysis, then designed and project managed rectification works.

LD3 Sick Carp

Given our extensive research, development and applications experience of evaporative systems, we have provided expert services - directly and indirectly associated with plant type and performance - including outbreaks of Legionnaires’ Disease at a high-profile inner city industrial site for which detailed knowledge of cooling towers and their operation was prerequisite.

Specimen Instructions:

Steam expert witness in vintage ploughing engine dispute
Failure of refrigeration machinery at fish processing plant
Heat transfer expert witness in thermal oxidizer failure
Boiler Expert for University Campus Resource Centre
Aluminium plant cooling water expert investigation
Refrigeration expert re heat pump installation
Expert Witness ADR through BBC “Watchdog”
Expert witness in process plant prosecutions
Flawed soft drinks manufacturing line
Electrical appliances prosecution
Aquaculture systems failure

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