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HGV Nosemount Chiller

Boalloy - the innovative semi-trailer manufacturer - produced an insulated version of their "Tautliner" curtain wall vehicle for the developing chilled distribution market. As anticipated, heat inleakage was greater than to box body reefers, with proportionately heavier 'fridge load. It called for a more powerful refrigeration chiller than available from industry-standard sources, whilst at the same time, more reliable machines were wanted to outface dockside maintenance & refrigerant re-charging scams. Our client wished to influence the industry toward supplying more powerful, more reliable units. We met the design brief with a 13 kW nosemount chiller that was dismountable for off-vehicle use. An electrically-driven semi-hermetic compressor assured integrity of the refrigerant circuit, obviating the shaft seal leakages that plagued conventional transport refrigeration chillers. It was powered by a generator of our design and manufacture, incorporating the latest class of automotive diesel from VAG, and operated at 1440 rev/min for least noise emissions - less than half of other nosemounts. After commissioning, it was immediately displayed at the British Commercial Motor Show. Although only a development machine, it then worked for a year on the Aberbdeen-Ipswich run with Jack Henley Transport, running faultlessly throughout the entire period before being retired for public demonstration.

Chiller for Electro-deposition Process

GEC Alsthom needed to emulate domestic production at its Indian subsidiary. Temperatures could not be attained without refrigeration, and the process load was variable. A simple, easily maintained and compact design was prerequisite for the crowded factory floor, and the host process had to be accommodated with a high degree of accuracy. While the original machine is illustrated opposite, we provided manuals for local production when further units were needed.

Offshore Chiller

A major offshore contractor - Chorley Engineering - needed a transportable glycol chiller for rig operations. We designed an enclosed cradle semi-hermetic unit for easy handling and low maintenance, which was then built at their Atherstone base. Following rigorous performance trials, this was established as the corporate design standard for similar machines.