high temperature autoclave

Design & support for many basic manufacturing operations, including:

Oil Lake Recovery; Cane Sugar Refining
Heavy Extrusion; Thermal Oxidizing
Separating Tanks; Machine Testing
Continuous Aluminium Casting
Mechanical Salt Refining
Roped Tube Condensers
Klieverik Calendering

Dove Thermal Engineering has undertaken over forty plant cooling and works engineering services projects for sites throughout the U.K., several of which spread over a hundred acres or more - such as Plessey, Silvertown Refinery, and various Alcan factories.

Some of these are mentioned below: they include consult-design-construct factory services programmes for all types of cooling plant and equipment, water treatment and separation schemes, boilerhouses, plantrooms and ancillary services. Some were consequent upon earlier engagements, such as our investigation into an outbreak of Legionaires' Disease at an inner city industrial site, and the development of modelling techniques for the Hydraulics Research Station at Wallingford.

They were carried out before and since introduction of the 1996 IPPC Directive, such as dyeworks effluent treatment (discharging to foul sewer), continuous casting outfall (to the Oxford Canal) and furnace emissions control (in Kentucky). Dove Thermal is frequently concerned with equipment that must respond to upstream conditions so as to preserve the status of the process it serves. In such instances, we are involved with the entire host process when designing (say) a thermal oxidizer, scrubber or quench column to serve it. Our reputation has been earned from engagement as project consultants, main contractors, expert witness and forensic engineers by many substantial client organizations.

Works Engineering Services:

Syngas Quench Column for Otto Simon
Anhydrous Ethanol Plant for Panarm UK
Tower water conditioning plant for System UVEX
Test House Services Plant for J.I.Case Doncaster
Dye Colour Separation Plant for Eversmart Express
Thermal Oxidizer Rectification for Commonwealth Aluminium
Manufacturing and factory services for British Jeffrey Diamond
Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Investigation for Private Litigants
Super-saturation Effluent Treatment Plant for Standex International
Steam Boilerhouses for Northern Foods, Broadhurst Bakeries & others
Engine Room Plant Services for the National Maritime College of Ireland
Remelt Facility Quenchwater Treatment Plant for British Alcan Extrusions
Plant Cooling, Oil Separation and Emergency Water Systems for Alcan Banbury
Compressed Air Services for Steetley Minerals, Courtaulds, BXL, Alcan & others

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