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Wind Tunnel Design; Air Movement
Air Distribution; Ventilation Plant

Dove Thermal's air distribution and ducted systems benefit from our established presence in the industry, along with a thorough knowledge of fan engineering, aerodynamics and industrial acoustics. These have been brought together in specialist areas such as aircraft undercarriage and wind tunnel design, locomotive and DMU development, and road vehicle systems engineering. Our experience spans a range of aerospace testing and development applications, maritime and environmental issues, and large-space climate control installations.

Application and Control

We provide air movement, ventilation plant, fume extraction and pneumatic conveying systems. Extensive use is made of Inverter Drives to minimise noise emission and power consumption. Air movement ancillaries designed and supplied by Dove Thermal Engineering include flue gas dilution equipment, in-line ducted systems and steel chimneys to BSS 4076.

Design and Manufacture

We design and build ventilation plant and noise control equipment for machinery and buildings. MathCAD and spreadsheet models are used to determine air movement specifications and parameters for in-line equipment. Designs are produced as solid isometrics & third angle projections in .dwg and other formats. Bills of materials and CNC machine code may be drawn-down directly for CIM production. Manufacturing and installation quality is to ISO9000:2000

Installation Services

Our air distribution projects range from small marine ducted systems to warehouse fit-outs. For occasional work, pairs of skilled men are available for local alterations on a day-rate basis. We supply and manage several fully-manned teams with access equipment and site services.

Project Examples:

Helmholtz-attenuated chimney for Eversmart Express

Marine ducted systems installation for BMW Oracle

Flue gas dilution system for Eversmart Express

Factory ventilation plant failure investigation

Wind Tunnel Design for Cranfield University

High by-pass air handling for Bimeda UK

Air distribution systems for Hyde Group

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