test plant cooling group for GEC Gas Turbines

Pipe Stress Isometric Analysis & Pipework FMEA
Pipework Prefabrication and Pipework Testing
Pipework Installation Service
Pumped Systems Design

Extent of Supply

Dove Thermal Engineering supplies turn-key installations for process plant and works services, providing certificated pipework design and pipefitting services in all steel and non-ferrous grades, and in proprietary plastics systems. We apply stress reduction techniques in the design and construction of thermal fluid and steam distribution systems, and in the repair or extensions to existing runs.


After schematic design and preparation of the system PID, a pipework installation is laid-out as a solid 3D isometric, which may then be marked-up for stresswork computation and confirmation of line component specifications according to process conditions or site circumstances. Pipework design and system drawings are annotated with temperatures, masses, forces and movements to enable calculation and pre-stressing of supports. General Arrangements are made for each pipe section, enabling off-site prefabrication and trial set-up, or making-up on site as appropriate. Pressures and flows are spreadsheeted for rating line fittings and equipment, and designs vetted for defects such as air-lock, hammer and stress concentration. Pipework design services and systems projects are developed using integrated Bricsys-MathCAD software. Pressure vessels, tanks and special equipment are designed and fabricated in-house. Our turn-key piped services installations are supplied complete with electrical panels, structural steels, insulation and cleading.


We are regularly called-upon for pumped systems troubleshooting and rectification, and have a completely successful record in restoring and protecting works services and manufacturing output. Our site consultancy recommendations are backed by partnered pipefitting services throughout the U.K.. Dove Thermal has provided pipeed services design for many types of power generation facility and all levels of industrial production.

Balance of Plant

Dove Thermal Engineering also designs and builds Balance of Plant modules for chemical process sidestreams, environmental control plant, power generation and boiler services equipment, and for marine propulsion and ancillaries. We have been building BoP skid mounts for over thirty years, and wherever practicable, prefabricate pipework onto packaged equipment to facilitate installation and maintenance. The advantages of bringing together all services necessary for a core application are of particular value in the pre-engineering of complex systems, when site access is in some way restricted, or when installations are to be made at remote worksites.

Capacity and Workscope - Typical completions in this sector:

Factory services & plant installation for J.I.Case, BXL Plastics, Manchester Steels et al.
Balance of Plant systems and pipework design services for National Maritime College, RoI
Gas turbine test plant & piped services for GEC Turbine Generators
Pumped systems troubleshooting for IAC group and many others.
Tube extrusion mill pipework installation for British Alcan Tubes
Boilerhouse and works services for Eversmart Express
Biomass heating plant for J.C.Walwyn Limited
Ice-making factory for Ice & Easy
Pipefitting services for Edbro plc


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