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Ice Factory Design & Fit-Out
Hubbard Scotsman & Sea Ice
Ice Making Plant

Plant Configuration

While air-cooled ice machines are available for smaller facilites, most of those used for industrial-scale production have water-cooled condensers supplied by an external chiller. Output is dropped to bulk storage bins, or (preferably) direct to packaging machinery, from which the bagged product is palletised and delivered either to refrigerated coldroom or insulated buffer storage. For marine applications, Sea Ice equipment has been specifically developed for on-board and quayside installation.

Dove Thermal installations incorporate pressurisation accumulators to ensure that Condenser Water is supplied at consistent pressure and temperature for quality production, whilst Product Water is filtered and treated by reverse osmosis before pumping to the mould nozzles. All piped and electrical services are supplied from overhead grid arrays.

Ice can be produced in various formats, each targeting particular applications: Cubes and custom profiles can be formed almost any specified size. Flake & Scale Ice is made in various thicknesses from fresh or salt water and is slow-melting. Nuggets are used in hands-free dispensing, while "Cubelets" are of cosmetically uniform shape.

The Hubbard Scotsman range is ideal for food manufacture and specialist ice factory installations, while Sea Ice produce a range of custom machinery for maritime operations. Dove Thermal Engineering supports specialist manufacturers in undertaking large-scale projects, and in the design and development of related plant and equipment such as scraped surface heat exchangers, hold chillers and vivier fit-outs.

Factory Design and Fit-out

We designed and built the ice making factory partlly shown in the photograph - one of three major cube ice plants of our design. For this installation, Hubbard Scotsman ice machines are stacked in pairs and grouped back-to-back for reduced footprint. It has a production capacity of 14.4 tonnes/day of packed and palletised cubes. The main production area is shown in further detail on our Gallery Page.

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