BMW chase boat with Dove Thermal aircon - stern view

Small Craft Airconditioning
White Goods Prototyping
Climate Control Design
Development Testing

Marine Aircon for BMW Chase Boat

The BMW Oracle Admiral's Cup Team was fitting-out a multi-purpose chase boat to support its fleet, and needed a full HVACR installation to protect equipment and crew from the extremes of the Mediterranean environment. We advised upon system design and specification, and then commissioned the installation on location in Valencia. It was built around a central air handling unit, from which a number of branches were each supplied by electronically-controlled fans distributing to grilles located throughout the vessel via Vent Axia duct fittings.

White Goods

Several HVACR products designed and prototyped by Dove Thermal Engineering have been shown in major exhibitions and high street stores. A typical white goods prototyping project was the compact Heat Pump and Dehumidifier produced for Western Trading (Westra). This successful little machine was sold in Electricity Board showrooms throughout the U.K. A number of white goods programmes entailed the design, construction and operation of environmental test chambers.

Best Practice

We provide airconditioning, refrigeration and ventilating units for land, marine & aerospace HVACR. Whether custom-built or worked from proprietary condensing sets, all our machines incorporate TEVs and liquid receivers as standard equipment. Our environmental test cells for prototyping and product development are able to alternate extreme parametric conditions at high cycle frequencies.

Project Examples

Locomotive engine air intake, exhaust & cooling air porting for DTI
Marine aircon system for BMW Oracle Admiral’s Cup Chase Boat
Cash dispensing machine (ATM) cooling design for NCR Dundee
Factory ventilation plant investigation for Stockbridge Airco
New-build boiler plant consultancy for Reading University
White goods prototyping for Westra Environmental
Cold room conditioning for North Quay Cold Stores
New building HVRAC rectification for Great Bear
Cryogenic food processing plant for Kraft Foods
Environmental test chambers for Westra et al.
Ground source HVACR for University of Wales

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