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Plant Infrastructure Development Programmes
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Dove Thermal delivers plant infrastructure projects in thermal engineering.

We are employed by SMEs, multi-nationals and the service sector for the analysis, design and implementation of production management systems, restoration of critical plant following fire and flood, and the integration of established factory services. We resolve situations where local disruptions are placing production or business development at risk. We that ensure foundering projects are satisfactorily completed.

Accurate review of client requirements enables assembly of practicable URS proposals and effective allocation of resources. We will carry-forward your development objectives, and lay out the construction sequence in a format designed to link directly with your management systems. Structural and operational risks are assessed and Regulatory requirements identified in advance of implementing a dynamic and successful programme.

When defining factory development projects and their scope, historical data can be regressed to good effect. Notable examples of this have surfaced while rationalizing utilities and distribution systems, and bringing together waste and effluent streams prior to treatment. There have been many instances where solutions to long term problems have been found through careful inspection and analysis of plant and production records.

Typical project examples:

Autoclaving development programme for Freeland Horticulture
Factory development programmes for Alcan production sites
Integration of Site Energy Systems for Tate & Lyle Sugars
Boiler Plant Fire Damage Remediation for IAC Coleshill
Re-engineering site utilities for the Plessey Company
Consulting thermal engineers to Eversmart Express
Chilled Water Systems Rectification for Villa Drinks
Consulting project engineers to Burgess Silencers
Transformer oil recovery for Grosvenor Oils

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