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Process Vessels and Custom Autoclaves
Chemical Reactors with Jackets, Coils & Steam Calandria

Process Vessels & Steam Calandria

We design and engineer shell-type research and custom autoclaves working under vacuum or positive pressure, heated either electrically, with steam or by HTF media. Specifically, we have the capability and experience in designing and building custom autoclaves – along with the heat transfer and manufacturing processes undertaken in them. Process vessels may be jacketed or quilted, fitted with coils, steam calandria, or arranged for recirculation of their contents through primary heating or cooling equipment. Primary fluid systems for chemical reactors may operate isothermally (as with saturated steam or refrigerant) or be set up for sensible operation (with HTF calandria, for example); whilst endo- or exothermic reactions may be tempered accurately to follow optimum process conditions with respect to time.


Processes for HTF calandria tempered operations.
Mathematical modelling, pipe stress and related services.
Columns and towers for heat and mass transfer operations.
Retrofit dimpled quilting available in stainless or non ferrous materials.
Chemical reactors with immersion coils for integration with new or existing plant.
Heat transmission by jackets, coils, steam calandria, injection or external recirculation.
Jacketed vessel design for batch, continuous and hybrid processes for heating & cooling.

Design Drawings

GAs and 3D models of process vessels supplied with PIDs and stress isometrics as required.
DWG, IGS and STP format presentations from integrated AutoCAD-MathCAD software.

Materials and Standards

TIG, MIG and MMA welding procedures, with pressure vessel codings to PD 5500, ASME VIII Div.1, etc.
Welding in carbon and stainless steels, duplex grades, nickel alloy, aluminium and copper.
Finishes include polishing, brushing, passivating, galvanizing, epoxy and powder coating.

Capacity and Workscope

Fuel test rig tempering vessel HTF calandria for Cullum Detuners
Autoclave design & mathematical modelling for Design Council
Thermodynamic Steam Explosion Valve for McCains Group
Boiling pan steam calandria for Tate& Lyle Special Sugars
Chemical reactors and processes for Banner Chemicals
Large roped tube process condensers for Tate & Lyle
High vacuum furnace systems for Torvac Processing
Pressurised Dowtherm heating plant for DuPont
Custom autoclaves for Freeland Horticulture