Heat Rejection Plant, including Cooling Towers, Air Blast Radiators, Dry Coolers & Adiabatic Coolers
Piped Services for Steam, Compressed Air, Effluent Treatment, Water Systems and EWS
Interceptors; Separators; Scrubbers; Adsorbers; Thermal Oxidisers
All Plant Heating, Cooling and Works Engineering Topics

During the past 30 years, Dove Thermal Engineering has provided plant cooling and works engineering services for sites of all sizes, several of which spread over a hundred acres or more - such as Plessey, Silvertown Refinery, various Alcan plants and many others.

A selection from the range of works engineering services that we have provided is given below. They include the design and installation of all types of cooling plant & equipment, water treatment and separation plant, boilerhouses and plantrooms. Some works engineering projects were consequent upon earlier engagements, such as our investigation into an outbreak of Legionaires' Disease at an inner city industrial site, and the development of modelling techniques for the Hydraulics Research Station at Wallingford. Related aspects of works engineering and plant cooling activities have been carried out before and since introduction of the IPPC, such as dyeworks effluent treatment, continuous casting outfall and furnace emissions. As equipment such as thermal oxidisers, scrubbers and adsorbers link directly with upstream and downstream production stages, we are involved with conditions throughout the host systems. Our expertise in works engineering and plant cooling services for manufacturing processes is reflected by engagement as expert witness and forensic engineers by substantial client organisations. The image is an ANSYS CFX screen simulation of a hydrocyclone, courtesy ESSS & Petrobras.

Works Engineering Services - Typical completions in this sector

Anhydrous Ethanol Plant for Panarm UK
Tower water conditioning plant for System UVEX
Test House Services Plant for J.I.Case Doncaster
Dye Colour Separation Plant for Eversmart Express
Manufacturing Processes for British Jeffrey Diamond
Thermal Oxidiser Rectification for Commonwealth Aluminium
Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Investigation for Private Litigants
Super-saturation Effluent Treatment Plant for Standex International
Steam Boilerhouses for Northern Foods, Broadhurst Bakeries & others
Engine Room Plant Services for the National Maritime College of Ireland
Remelt Facility Quenchwater Treatment Plant for British Alcan Extrusions
Plant Cooling, Oil Separation and Emergency Water Systems for Alcan Banbury
Compressed Air Services for Steetley Minerals, Courtaulds, BXL, Alcan & others