Biomass & Wood Waste Boiler Plant with Wood Pellet Milling for Summer Fuel Storage and Resale
Gasification Boiler Installations fueled by Wood Pellets, Briquettes, Wood Chips or Logs
Stirling Engine, Steam Turbine and IC Engine CHP Systems

Domestic and light commercial Gasification Boilers are available across a wide range of rated outputs, whilst conventional industrial wood waste heating equipment tolerates a greater range of fuel types and conditions whilst also provided with buffer storage silos for continuous unattended operation. Stand-alone industrial MDF and wood burning installations are frequently linked to manufacturing output as a means of on-site waste management, although recent developments in Micro CHP are beginning to alter perspectives. Otherwise, unwanted heat is conventionally rejected to atmosphere outside the season to prevent accumulation of unprocessed material. This may partly be avoided by pelletisation - typically reducing space requirements by two-thirds – whilst also conserving fuel stocks for retailing or winter use. Our “Gallery” page shows a 260 kW Dove Thermal installation at a Midlands furniture factory.

Whilst domestic gasification boilers do not produce excess biogas for external consumption, the market in Micro CHP is opening-up – given the recent introduction of natural gas and LPG-fired domestic boilers with Stirling Cycle electricity generation and dedicated CHP units rated to 5.5 kW(e) and 12.5 kW as heat (see the Baxi Ecogen and Senertec respectively). The Senertec is a conventional IC engine generator set requiring a base heating load for continuous operation, but may be paired-up with heat accumulator systems to smooth variations in supply-and-demand and in which Dove Thermal has long-established expertise.

The high theoretical efficiency of the Stirling engine is traditionally curbed by considerations of size and mass of the reciprocating configurations. Rotary - swashplate - types that have been developed to meet these limitations include the Stirling Biopower Flexgen Micro CHP unit, which has an output of 38kW and is able to run on most fuel gases or as the core of a wood waste heating and power generation system.

In the event, commercial CHP depends upon IC engine, steam- or gas- turbine prime movers. Steam plant is site-installed to meet whatever conditions exist locally, and is the oldest and most adaptable means of producing electricity. Very small steam turbogenerators for Micro CHP are currently under development by Green Turbine B.V.. There is virtually no difference between generating electrical energy in a ship’s engine room or on a remote industrial site, although similar skills and attendance requirements apply to both. Dove Thermal has long experience of marine diesel- and turbo-generator plant; we would be pleased to assist in the design, installation & commissioning of land-based steam CHP schemes.