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Heat is a form of energy potential that can be defined in terms of temperature and mass, and - like mechanical, chemical and electrical potentials - its flow described with respect to length and time. It is transmutable with other energy formats, and pervades all dynamic systems. As an engineering fundamental, it rarely stands alone: Thermal Design is just a convenient term for a very broad church, and draws on most other disciplines.

It is a servant of production and manufacture, of transport and storage, and of energy efficiency issues in many fields of science and technology. Our Consult-Design-Construct capacity and experience includes energy converters (such as burners, boilers, heaters), heat engines of all description (including refrigeration and power systems), and thermal processes derived from thermo-chemical, thermo-electric, and thermodynamic operations.

Our boiler plants run from a few hundred pounds of steam per hour for a small dyehouse, to over 15 tonne/hour for a factory making expanded polystyrene products. They include coal-, gas-, oil-, wood waste- and biofuel-fired LPHW, HPHW, thermal fluid and steam boiler installations with associated waste heat recovery equipment.

Changes in manufacturing economy means that there are now fewer large U.K. manufacturing sites. Companies like Tate & Lyle Sugars, Plessey, Alcan and English Sewing all supported considerable site infrastructures, for whom we have undertaken wide-ranging Consult-Design-Construct and factory services restructuring programmes. These brought together steam-raising and distribution facilities, cooling water and compressed air services, together with site effluent systems. Along with other projects for T&L, we designed and executed a major development of Silvertown refining capacity. Sir Oliver Lyle (“The Great Sir O.”) wrote “The Efficient Use of Steam” and an equally seminal textbook on Sugar Technology.

Some projects necessitate designing and building special-purpose waste heat recovery plant such as economisers and recuperators, along with feed tanks, hotwells etc. to meet specific site requirements and improved environmental standards. Others entail start-to-finish process design, mechanical layout and prototyping of both proprietary and custom-built factory services plant.

We undertake thermal design and energy efficiency advisory services similar to those previously available under DTI schemes and provide comprehensive energy efficiency programmes for any U.K. site.

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