Vehicle Systems Design Rectification and Test; Heat exchange equipment for Aerospace Testing
Environmental Control Systems for Aero Engine Test Plant; Mechanical and Hydraulic Test Plant
New Product Development and Testing; Autoclaves & Altitude Rigs

Test Programmes

We originate test plant and procedures for new product development, and to support our own design projects. Field test procedures and installations have been devised for rectification and retrofit programmes such as DMU-Railcar engine management groups, and locomotive cooling air porting arrangements. Test plant and equipment has been developed to optimise routing of automotive exhaust systems, the stability of blown film extrusion processes, and vibration in large rotary expressing machines.

Adaptability and Multiple-Use Facilities

Some types of test plant may be used for both development and production purposes, such as an autoclave control system we developed for manufacturing racing car & aircraft seats. This programmed vessel behaviour for each stage of production, as well as creating extreme thermodynamic test environments. Other dual-role examples typically include production line stages for quality assurance & performance testing - such as for Foseco (below).


Dove Thermal has designed and built temperature conditioning plant for airframe and engine fuel systems, environmental control units for aero engine test rigs, and equipment to identify causes of structural failure in large rotating machinery. Further examples are given below. We claim special expertise in piped services for all types of engine and hydraulics test plant.

Capacity and Workscope - Typical completions in this sector:

Locomotive test bed systems for British Rail Technical Centre
Helicopter blade heating & vibration for British Aerospace
Molten metal filter product testing stage for Foseco
Hydraulics Test Plant for the Case Corporation