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Warehouse Air Conditioning, Chlled Storage, HVRAC & Marine Aircon
Industrial Refrigeration Systems, Custom Chillers & Ice Machines

Warehouse Air Conditioning

We design and build Low-Cost Ductless Airconditioning Systems for Chilled Warehouses and Food Distribution Centres. Racking layout distributes recooled air along aisles by exploiting boundary layer adhesion, so that transmission ductwork is unnecessary. Our systems also avoid need of automatic valves and dampers through use of inverter drives to power pumps and fans. This improves operating economy and simplifies maintenance.

HVACR & Marine Aircon

Many products designed and prototyped by Dove Thermal Engineering have been displayed and demonstrated at international exhibitions, and sold through big-name high street stores. While we provide small airconditioning, refrigeration and ventilating units for land, marine & aerospace use, our HVACR activities run from the design of ATM machines to locomotive aerodynamics.

Process Refrigeration

We show how chiller ratings and power demand for unsteady state cooling applications may be much reduced with our Coolant Management Unit. This page gives examples of Dove Thermal equipment and systems for manufacturing, transport and general refrigeration purposes.

Custom Chillers

We designed the award-winning Boalloy diesel-electric nosemount chiller for HGV semi-trailers, and set the corporate design standard for offshore chiller plant for a major rig-based operator. Quiet chillers and low temperature equipment can be designed and supplied for any application.

Ice Making

Dove Thermal works with Hubbard Ice Systems to develop turn-key ice making facilities, and is linked with Sea Ice Limited on the U.K. mainland for their quayside and on-board ice-making plant. We design & build ice making machinery and equipment such as scraped surface heat exchangers, hold chillers and vivier fit-outs.