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Expert Witness, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Forensic Services
Design Project Managers, New Product Development and Engineering Design Consultants
Thirty years of providing reliable professional engineering services in thermally-related topics

Engineering Design Consultants

Dove Thermal provides facilities and project support similar to those formerly available through the DTI's Manufacturing and Design Advisory Services. We hold the DTI's award for Excellence in Design Engineering and Project Management. We have provided professional engineering services for all aspects of thermal systems design, installation and rectification activities.

Forensic Engineering Services

We have conducted both civil and criminal forensic engineering inquiries throughout the UK, with findings carefully supported by documented proof. Much of this work entails Design Fault Investigation and Process Failure Mode Analysis. Whether providing professional engineering services to Court or Client, we will always give only true histories confirmed by factual proof.

Consulting Project Engineers

Dove Thermal provides professional engineering services for small-to-medium engineering projects. Whilst some are directly concerned with plant building from start to finish, others do not always bear directly upon construction activities. In many instances, we have taken over and adsorbed into situations where local management or engineering difficulties have intervened.

Expert Witness and ADR

We have an entirely successful record of expert witness and related professional engineering services in England, Scotland and the U.S.A. With a strong record in ADR, most of our cases are settled out-of-court to general benefit and satisfaction. Whether direct to enquiring parties or through instructing solicitors, we provide outline first opinions without obligation.

Product Development

We originate equipment and procedures for new product development, and as part of our own design output. Dove Thermal has provided equipment for airframe and engine fuel systems and test rigs, and various NDT methods for identifying structural and systems failures. We design and develop all types of HVACR equipment and the environmental chambers for testing it.