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The Heating Economy

The advantages of steam as an isothermal medium for process heating systems needs be set against the high relative costs of steam-raising plant, and those of distribution, operation and maintenance. Dove Thermal began life as steam engineers; we know and love steam; but outside the electrical power generating industry, it might have lost ground. Liquid phase systems using heating oils and thermal fluids are becoming more widespread and it could appear that, as traditional steam users grow fewer in number, hardware costs are rising against a falling market.

As temperatures exceed 300 degrees or so, vapour pressures of even the most tolerant synthetic fluids tend to rise above atmospheric, whilst the design and operating conditions of process heating systems affect their useful working life. Their replacement cost should be offset against the water treatment and attendance requirements of steam plant, although the saturation pressures of steam at temperatures above 200 deg.C mark this as the limiting value for general use. Direct firing, resistance or induction heating are the usual options where liquid phase process heating systems are impracticable.

That said, the real utility of steam is to provide a simple heating mechanism working throughout at constant temperature. It is common currency for process heating systems on many types of large industrial site, carrying waste heat from one process to drive another. The ingenuity that has been applied to steam engineering over the years can be tapped with benefit, particularly on sites where it serves essential upstream applications.

Capacity and Workscope - Typical completions in the Process Heating Systems sector:

Trent 900 environmental test systems for Rolls-Royce Aerospace
Gas-fired baking oven heating module for Spooner-Vicars
Production line induction heating for Hughes Christensen
Thermal Oxidiser Recuperator for Stein Atkinson Stordy