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Dryers and Heating Tunnels; Dimple Jackets for Vessel Heating; Tank Heating Coils & Calandria
Process Air Heaters and LVD Heaters; Process Heating Systems for Reactors and Degassers
Induction heating, Autoclaving Processes and Steam Heating of Process Vessels

The Heating Economy

Saturated steam is a precision isothermal heating medium for manufacturing processes, works utilities and site resources. It enables high rates of energy transference over long distances without need of mechanical intervention. Steam may be generated from any type of fuel, in any quantities, and within any chosen continuum of rate, temperature and pressure. It may be superheated beyond its natural saturation temperature to provide local high energy supplies for power, chemical and production operations. Steam technology is well-supported by a knowledgeable and ethical supplier basis, providing education, advice and off-site management services for steam plant installations.

While Dove Thermal began life as steam engineers, we are widely involved with the design and installation of liquid phase systems using heating oils and synthetic media, and with plant and equipment for high temperature Heat Transfer Fluid facilities.

At temperatures above 340 degrees or so, vapour pressures of even the most tolerant synthetic fluids tend to rise above atmospheric, so that - without careful management - the design and operating conditions of process heating systems can affect their useful working life. Their replacement cost should be offset against the water treatment and attendance requirements of steam plant, although the saturation pressures of steam at temperatures above 200 deg.C might appear to mark this as a working limit for general use. Direct firing, resistance or induction heating may be employed where liquid phase process heating systems are impracticable.

Capacity and Workscope - Typical completions in the Process Heating Systems sector:

Trent 900 environmental test systems for Rolls-Royce Aerospace
Variable concentration batch heating for Banner Chemicals
Gas-fired baking oven heating module for Spooner-Vicars
Production line induction heating for Hughes Christensen
Thermal Oxidiser Recuperator for Stein Atkinson Stordy
High temperature production buffer stores for HS Butyl
Rotary Drying Kiln for Vantage Waste Processing