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Process Plant Design & Construction
Pipework Design & Works Services
Piped Services for Cooling Systems

Filtration Plant


Pipework Design and Piped Services for Steam Distribution

Dove Thermal Engineering supplies piped service for turn-key installations for process plant and works installation, providing piped services for steam, water and oil in all steel and non-ferrous grades. Piped services for cooling - and low pressure fluids generally - can also be supplied in proprietary plastics systems. We apply stress reduction techniques in the design and construction of thermal fluid and steam distribution systems, and in the repair or extensions to existing runs.

Process Plant Design & Build

Dove Thermal is a peer group of engineers & millwrights undertaking design and construction of works services and steam heating plant. We supplement client knowledge and experience to assure successful completion of stand-alone or integrated corporate developments. We operate throughout the UK and RoI, providing process plant and equipment, and piped services for HTF, LPHW, HPHW, steam heating and chilled water distribution.

Works Engineering

This section outlines the diversity of works services projects undertaken and applications supported. Our experience in the design and construction of factory cooling services includes evaporative cooling towers, air blast radiators, air- and water-cooled chillers and integrated site cooling installations. We provide process plant design and installation facilities for manufacturing and factory services infrastructure, including boilers, economizers, calorifiers, condensers and process vessels. We design and build water treatment and separation plant, boilerhouses, plantrooms and provide all supporting services.

Process Vessels

We undertake turn-key piped services for steam distribution, with certified fabrication of Jacketed Vessels, Process Tanks, Immersion Coils, Calandria and Heat Exchangers, and with coded construction to PD 5500, ASME VIII Div.1 and EN286 (part 1).

Ventilation Plant

We build ducted systems for air conditioning, ventilation, fume extraction and dust control.
Acoustic doors and structures for specific frequency ranges, and steel chimneys to BSS 4076.
Dove Thermal consults in noise and vibration, industrial aerodynamics and fan engineering.

Providing forensic and expert witness services in heat transmission, fluid flow and related fields draws directly upon our experience as engineering designers and consultants. Our mainstream activities span a broad range of technologies, including production test facilities, biothermal plant and processes, and NDT evaluation. We originate equipment and procedures for new product development, process enhancement, and in support of our own professional undertakings.


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