Hot Oil Systems; Thermal Fluid Heating Systems for Thermobonding Calenders and Autoclaves
Heat Transfer Fluid Applications; Electric Heaters for Synthetic HTF and Thermal Oils
Thermal Fluid Boiler Plant and Thermal Fluid Heaters for Liquid Phase Heating

Operational Parameters

Hot oils and heat transfer fluids can be worked either side of atmospheric pressure, although pressurised installations allowing operation above their normal saturation temperatures are more complex than for steam - partly through need to inhibit oxidation of the working medium. Even so, a mineral oil or synthetic fluid can run at over 300 deg.C under normal pressure, whilst an equivalent system operating with dry saturated steam must run at 1250 psi (86.25 bar). No thermodynamic pressure is induced where fluid vapour pressure remains below atmospheric, and engineering costs are much-reduced if systems are to operate only under gravitational head.

Thermal Fluids

We have built plant & equipment for Therminol, Thermia and Dowtherm Thermal Fluid systems, and successfully work Solutia T66 at temperatures to 340 deg.C under atmospheric pressure - as in the installation for a Klieverik thermo-bonding calendering machine (see our Gallery page).

Pipework Design

Although carbon steel is to be preferred for high temperature operations, we have designed, stressed, built and commissioned pressurised systems in other materials by request. Thermally-induced movement in carbon steel is lower, and properties retention much superior. Our method for pre-tensioning pipe support systems enables quick and accurate installation.

Capacity and Workscope - Typical completions in this sector:

Liquid Phase Heating Plant for International Automotive Components
Electrically-heated HFC installation for Sigma Technologies
Office Block LPHW Heating Systems for Great Bear
Thermia B plant & equipment for Flint Ink