Ice Making Plant; Ice Factory Design, Build and Fit-Out
Turn-key Production Units with Hubbard Scotsman Ice Machines
Salt Water Flake Ice, Scale Ice and Slush Ice Making Machines for the Fishing Industry

We work with Hubbard Ice Systems to develop turn-key ice making facilities, and are linked with Sea Ice Limited of County Down for the design and installation of quayside and on-board ice-making plant and equipment. Hubbard Ice supplies the Scotsman range of machines, noted for high quality table ice, whilst Sea Ice has its roots in Irish food production and its resident fishing industry. We provide technical support to Hubbard in their larger industrial projects, and are pleased to promote the specification, design & use of Sea Ice machinery on U.K mainland.

Seven different ice making formats are available, each of which targets particular applications:
Flake & Scale Ice is made in various thicknesses from fresh or salt water and is slow-melting.
Nugget format allows hands-free dispensing, while "Cubelets" are of cosmetically uniform shape.
The Scotsman Ice Systems "Supercube" can be formed in three different sizes.
Dice Ice and "Contour Cubes" are well-suited to quantity production.

Although air-cooled ice making units are available for smaller facilites, most machines for industrial-scale ice production have water-cooled condensers supplied by an external chiller. They drop to bulk storage bins, or (preferably) direct to packaging machinery, from which the bagged product is palletised and delivered either to refrigerated coldroom or insulated buffer storage. Scotsman ice making machines may be stacked in pairs and grouped back-to-back for reduced footprint. Dove Thermal installations incorporate pressurisation accumulators to ensure that Condenser Water is supplied at consistent pressure and temperature for quality production, whilst Product Water is filtered and treated by reverse osmosis before pumping to the mould nozzles. All piped and electrical services are supplied from overhead grid arrays.

We designed, built and delivered the complete ice making factory shown in the photograph. It has a production capacity of 14.4 tonnes/day of packed and palletised cubes. The main production area is shown in further detail on our Gallery page. This is one of three major cube ice plants of Dove Thermal design.

Dove Thermal Engineering also consults in the design of ice making plant and machinery such as scraped surface heat exchangers, hold chillers and vivier fit-outs.