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Process Heating Design; Thermal Fluid Liquid Phase Heating & Hot Oil Heating Plant
Process Cooling Plant and Cooling Design; Peltier Thermo-Electric Appliances
Heat & Mass Transfer; Crude Oil Heating and Cargo Tank Heating Systems

Liquid Phase Heating and Hot Oil Heating Plant

We have designed and engineered unblanketed Thermia B systems for 290 deg.C operation with conventional hot oil boilers, Therminol 66 thermal fluid heating plant installations working to 340 deg.C at atmospheric pressure, and re-engineered Dowtherm A installations running at 370 deg.C and 6.7 bar(g). Click here for photos and stress isometrics of pressurised and gravity head circuits.

Solid State Coolers & Appliances

Thermo-electric devices allow unique solutions and cooling design opportunities for compact applications – particularly in aerospace and electronic environments. Products prototyped and developed by Dove Thermal Engineering include a table-top wine cooler, a chill box with freezer compartment, an immersion cooler, cooling jug and machine cooling applications.

Process Cooling Design

We apply the maths – and practice - of heat transfer & fluid mechanics to all types of process cooling design projects, This enables "right first time" results in the design and construction of (for instance) batch cooling plant and equipment, with accurate prediction of processing times.

Process Heating Systems

Looking at steam boilers and steam heating plant in present-day heating design practice and comparing the advantages of isothermal process with respect to sensible heating. The reverse flame heaters now firing industry-standard continuous baking ovens are of our original design, whilst more recent work includes plant and equipment for crude oil heating in lagoon recovery operations and VLCC cargo tank heating installations.

Heat Transfer Design

This page discusses the pros. and cons. of shell & tube v. plate type exchangers, noting the increasing use of PHEs in heating design projects and process cooling design work. There are shell condensers of our design each containing over five miles of roped tube and installed 40 metres above ground level. We originate specialist heating and cooling plant that is precisely matched to duty conditions, in addition to designing and building the host systems.