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The Efficient Use of Energy: Economizers, Recuperators and Heat Recovery
Environmental Systems and Balance of Plant Modules; Noise & Vibration Control
Wood Waste Options, Biothermal Engineering, Biomass Drying and Steam Explosion

Biomass Heating & Micro CHP

Stand-alone industrial MDF and wood burning installations are frequently linked to manufacturing output as a means of on-site waste management and avoidance of environmental charges, although recent developments in Micro CHP power generating equipment are beginning to alter perspectives on environmental systems management.

Balance of Plant Modules

Dove Thermal has been designing and building Balance of Plant assemblies for over thirty years. BoP modules bring together all the required services for a core application – for power generation, motive power, chemical process or environmental systems control installations. Contractual responsibility for the supply and commissioning of bought-in equipment rests with a single source, whilst the component count of project deliverables is much-reduced.

Thermal Design

Addressing changes in the manufacturing economy through providing efficient systems, plant and equipment for energy conversion, saving and reclaim. We design & construct all piped, ducted and environmental services, and install effluent handling schemes under the IPPC.

Noise & Vibration Control

This describes Dove Thermal innovations in Reactive Dynamic Mass Balancing, the control of Plant Noise and Machine Vibration, and related environmental systems design. We undertake Plant Noise Surveys, Environmental Noise Measurement programmes, and represent client companies involved in planning reviews and public enquiries.

Biomass Drying and Steam Explosion

Biomass drying and conditioning, with emphasis on Municipal Solid Waste processing and potentials for environmental health improvement. We are working with major UK and offshore investors to refine biomass pre-conditioning and kiln-drying processes, hydrolyzation and ethanol extraction stages, and the development of environmental systems control equipment.