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Our Credentials

Dove Thermal has over 30 years’ experience as thermal engineering design consultants for the successful undertaking of product innovation, prototyping and development programmes. We provide resources corresponding with those formerly available through the DTI's Manufacturing and Design Advisory Services operated by the Production Engineering Research Association (PERA) and the Design Council respectively. We received a Design Council award for “Consistent High Standards of Project Management and Design Capability” as its long-term thermal design consultants for related products, plant and systems.


We are engineering and thermal technical designers of plant, processes and related equipment. Where necessary, we can help in drawing-up the Terms of Reference framework for a prospective project, supported by a Gantt-charted project management plan setting out agreed objectives and timescales. Our competence as thermal engineering design specialists working at all levels of industry and commerce guarantees the knowledge and integrity expected of established design professionals in this field.

Examples of Process Plant Design

Design & stresswork for polymer conversion plant running Dowtherm A at 360 deg.C, 6 bar(a)

Prototyping and development of solid state dynamic balancing system for large Rotary Dyers

200 kW gas-fired liquid phase plant, running Therminol 66 to 340 deg.C at normal pressure

260 kW MDF waste fired heating plant with waste material storage and handling equipment

85 kW base load chiller plant, with process management augmenter set

Factory fit-out and services for production of 14.4 tonne/day cube ice

Thermal design consultants to Tate & Lyle Sugars’ Silvertown Refinery

Steam turbine and equipment for National Maritime College, Cork RoI

Air Rings for blown film extrusion (demonstrated at Interplas)

Variable Concentration Batch Heating for Ad-Blue production

Warehouse air conditioning plant, rated 575 kW at 7 deg.C

Process plant design of packaged polymer quench plant

New-build Boiler Plant Rectification

Biomass boiler plant consultancy

Rotary sample dyeing machine

Dyeworks process plant design

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